Microsoft has released an update that is dated October 8, 2008. This update fixes issues in the following components in Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration 4.5.

  • ActiveDirectoryProvider.msi
  • Exchange2007Provider.msi
  • DNSProvider.msi
  • HostedActiveDirectoryNS.msi
  • HostedActiveDirectoryWS.msi
  • RPCHttpConfigTool.msi
  • pwdb40ssis.msi
  • DNSClient.msi

Additionally, this update also includes native 64-bit versions of the following components:

  • CategorizerOverrideAgent-x64.msi
  • SmtpDomainCacheTask-x64.msi

Issues that the update rollup fixes

This update rollup fixes the following issues that were not previously documented in a Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

  • When more than one user has the same common name (CN) attribute, a server error is returned to the end-user from the RPCHTTPConfig Web site.
  • An OutOfMemoryException exception is returned from the Exchange2007Provider component when you run a Get-AcceptedDomain command.
  • Multiple issues occur with the Microsoft Exchange 2007 Out Of Office (OOF) agent.
  • When you run an “Import Data from PlanManager to PWDB40” SQL agent job, some error messages are logged on the Log File viewer.
  • When you try to create a TXT record by using the HMC DNS Provider, the HMC DNS Provider does not pass the DescriptiveText property that is required to create a Microsoft DNS_TXT Type..
  • The Hosted Active Directory Web Service could not set the <properties> element of the CreateUser component through the Web Service class library.
  • A Hosted Active Directory Web Service exception is thrown when the process reads the response of the CreateIIWResellerOrganization component by using the Web service proxy class.