HMC4.5 is out!

Finally released!! Waiting so long…
Here is the link for the docs and sample code etc

Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration v4.5


MPF Service Account Error in Deployment Tools

如果你在部署 MPS 的时候遇到类似以下问题:

Exception: Microsoft.Provisioning.DeploymentTool.Engine.DeploymentExceptionDeploymentFailed
HResult: -2146233088
Message: Deployment interrupted because of a failure. See inner exception.
Stack Trace:
at Microsoft.Provisioning.DeploymentTool.Engine.Deployment.DoDeploymentWork()
at Microsoft.Provisioning.DeploymentTool.MainForm.ExecuteDeploymentSlice()

Inner Exception (1): Microsoft.Provisioning.DeploymentTool.Engine.NamedProcedureException
HResult: -2146233088

<errorContext description="The network path was not found" code="0x80070035" executeSeqNo="27">
<errorSource namespace="Computer Management Provider" procedure="Group IsMember" />
<errorSource namespace="Deployment Automation" procedure="TryLocalGroupAdd_" />
<errorSource namespace="Deployment Automation" procedure="AddMPFConfigAdmin_" />
<errorSource namespace="Deployment Automation" procedure="ConfigureMPFServiceAccounts" /></errorContext>


Installing MSCRM 4.0 without Internet Access

If you are installing CRM 4.0 on a machine without Internet access (eg. a VPC running only on a Loopback Adapter) you might run into some problems when CRM tries to download pre-requisite packages. Our DVD version (not out yet - it’s being ‘manufactured’) ships with these prerequisites but the downloads do not.
The simplest way is to install each of the Pre-Req’s manually. The best place to search for these is I’ll refrain from posting links as these redistributable packages are always being updated.
The Visual C++ Redistributable Package presents us with a slightly different challenge. The package is unable to detect it’s installed state so CRM always installs it. So we need to create a Redist folder, subfolders for i386/amd64, a VCRedist folder and then place the VC++ install files there. Your full folder structure should look like this:


如何设置使 HMC 4.0 创建的用户的密码永不过期

HMC 4.0 创建的用户,默认的帐户属性里面没有设置密码永不过期,这样就会产生个问题,在用户密码过期后,用户无法通过 OWA 再去修改或者重置密码,将会导致用户无法访问邮箱,为了解决这一问题,我们需要修改 MPS 默认的创建用户的脚本,通过设置 userAccountControl 的属性来达到默认就是密码永不过期的目的。


Unofficial Consolidated Server Deployment Guide For HMC4.0

这是多年前写的 HMC4.0 的部署文档,权且放在这里做个纪念。

PDF文档下载 Unofficial Consolidated Server Deployment Guide





# Language index in use

langidx: 0

把langidx: 0 的数字改成中文字幕的index no
# Chinese