MPF Service Account Error in Deployment Tools

如果你在部署 MPS 的时候遇到类似以下问题:

Exception: Microsoft.Provisioning.DeploymentTool.Engine.DeploymentExceptionDeploymentFailed
HResult: -2146233088
Message: Deployment interrupted because of a failure. See inner exception.
Stack Trace:
at Microsoft.Provisioning.DeploymentTool.Engine.Deployment.DoDeploymentWork()
at Microsoft.Provisioning.DeploymentTool.MainForm.ExecuteDeploymentSlice()

Inner Exception (1): Microsoft.Provisioning.DeploymentTool.Engine.NamedProcedureException
HResult: -2146233088

<errorContext description="The network path was not found" code="0x80070035" executeSeqNo="27">
<errorSource namespace="Computer Management Provider" procedure="Group IsMember" />
<errorSource namespace="Deployment Automation" procedure="TryLocalGroupAdd_" />
<errorSource namespace="Deployment Automation" procedure="AddMPFConfigAdmin_" />
<errorSource namespace="Deployment Automation" procedure="ConfigureMPFServiceAccounts" /></errorContext>


Installing MSCRM 4.0 without Internet Access

If you are installing CRM 4.0 on a machine without Internet access (eg. a VPC running only on a Loopback Adapter) you might run into some problems when CRM tries to download pre-requisite packages. Our DVD version (not out yet - it’s being ‘manufactured’) ships with these prerequisites but the downloads do not.
The simplest way is to install each of the Pre-Req’s manually. The best place to search for these is I’ll refrain from posting links as these redistributable packages are always being updated.
The Visual C++ Redistributable Package presents us with a slightly different challenge. The package is unable to detect it’s installed state so CRM always installs it. So we need to create a Redist folder, subfolders for i386/amd64, a VCRedist folder and then place the VC++ install files there. Your full folder structure should look like this:


如何设置使 HMC 4.0 创建的用户的密码永不过期

HMC 4.0 创建的用户,默认的帐户属性里面没有设置密码永不过期,这样就会产生个问题,在用户密码过期后,用户无法通过 OWA 再去修改或者重置密码,将会导致用户无法访问邮箱,为了解决这一问题,我们需要修改 MPS 默认的创建用户的脚本,通过设置 userAccountControl 的属性来达到默认就是密码永不过期的目的。


Unofficial Consolidated Server Deployment Guide For HMC4.0

这是多年前写的 HMC4.0 的部署文档,权且放在这里做个纪念。

PDF文档下载 Unofficial Consolidated Server Deployment Guide





# Language index in use

langidx: 0

把langidx: 0 的数字改成中文字幕的index no
# Chinese